Pro audio storage tuned to your workflow rhythm
Steven Slate
Recording Engineer and Creator of the Raven MTX by Slate Pro

Our roots run deep within
the creative pro community

Reputation is everything—and ours is firmly rooted in delivering premium storage solutions to the full spectrum of professional audio/video producers, photographers and digital media creators.

We’re passionate about going deep to understand creative workflows, and constantly evolve our external data storage to support the rigorous demands of our creative professional partners.

At the root of every stem is your blood, sweat—and data

Because reliability and performance are paramount, we control every step of manufacturing, from our own professional and Enterprise-class hard drives to our gorgeously rugged, aircraft-grade aluminum enclosures.

Storage evolved for the DAW, designed to leave you in awe

Your storage should be just as fluid as your workflow, so get all the speed and flexibility you need with the Evolution Series—a radically swappable, expandable dual-bay storage platform. Record and clone with ultra-fast Thunderbolt and then swap out the portable USB 3.0 drives to move tracks seamlessly from studio to studio. 

Your mixes can’t handle any mix-ups—never miss a cue again

The Evolution Series for pro audio

  • Make your workflow simpler, faster, and more reliable with pro-grade storage
  • Tap the speed of Thunderbolt for direct recording and editing
  • Use ubiquitous USB for transfers between studios
  • Share stems easily with bus-powered portable and hot-swappable drives
  • Clone and back up continuously, archive it all, and leave a drive with your client