The Journey to the Hang Son Doong Cave

One professional photographer captures the story of the world’s largest caves in Vietnam and shares how he managed to capture, store, and offload high quality footage using G-DRIVE hard drives.

Tyres and Wires – On the Road with Flight of the Swans

Steve Flanagan, one of the many volunteers on the Flight of the Swans project, was tasked with producing and post-producing multimedia content, while on the road from northern Russia to the UK. Here he talks through his workflow, and how G-Technology has helped him along the way.


A Soaring Flight of the Swans

Flight of the Swans is what you might call an out-of-the-box conservation project. The expedition is raising awareness of the declining population of the Bewick’s swan. A team from the Wildfowl Wetlands Trust (WWT) are following the swans on their autumn migration as they travel from their breeding grounds in Arctic Russia, back to the UK for overwintering.

What's in Your Gear Bag?

Helloooo there, I am Dixie Dixon, I currently shoot internationally for major advertising, editorial, and fashion clients! I love bringing each brand’s personality to life in my imagery and for me the connection is everything! I go to great lengths to connect with the people I work with and am inspired by their energy.


Every once in a while, an assignment comes along that you absolutely can’t refuse. Even if that means having to bring family in from across the state and across the country (thanks everyone!) to help with the kids while the wife was sidelined for over six weeks and unable to walk/drive thanks to a broken foot and the ensuing surgery, you find a way to make things happen.

A Nightmare I Never Want to Repeat

Broadway Video℠ Ted Pacult found himself in the midst of a real nightmare during the sixth season of the hit TV show Portlandia®.  He and his team maxed out their current network-attached storage (NAS) box and were desperately seeking a solution.

Why You Should Rely on a Professional Photography Backup

If you’re good enough to get paid for your photography, you’re smart enough to protect it. You’ve probably even heard the advice (from us if not a dozen others) to always keep your data in at least three places. However, in the interests of brevity and short attention spans, the why and how of this guidance often gets jettisoned.


The Why

3 Reasons Your Creative Business Needs a Better Storage Foundation

Cameras, lenses, lighting, mixing boards, and all the expensive equipment that helps creative professionals to create is just…equipment. And equipment can be replaced.

Enterprise Drives: Simply Better For Pros

If you could travel back in time to the early ’80s and survive all of the hair spray, you’d might realize that a year’s supply of hair products would be cheaper than a gigabyte of hard disk storage. Today, you can get the same capacity for less.