FreeWheelin' with Lucas Gilman and Red Bull

From the frigid beaches of Iceland to the treacherous water falls in the rain forests of South America, renowned Adventure Photographer and G-TEAM Ambassador, Lucas Gilman traverses the globe capturing once in a lifetime images. As a former category winner of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, who better to educate and excite the community about the contest than he?

The Minimalist Shoot: The art of downsizing for exotic destinations

During the month of November this past year, I was able to take a trip of a lifetime, traveling to exotic places in Southeast Asia and Africa. My trip began by visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a place on my bucket list since my early teens. It was more magnificent than I ever imagined. I found beauty and inspiration at every corner.

Illuminating the Path for Adventure Photographers

As the Marketing Manager for the photography vertical for G-Technology, I’m involved in a ton of really inspiring projects with our G-TEAM Ambassadors and other top photographers from around the world.  But even with all the exciting things I’ve done in the last year, I can’t wait to embark on my next adventure: Red Bull Illume.

Good is Winning: On Tour with Pope Francis

"Throughout time, a knot has been used to symbolize tension and struggle," writes Jeremy Cowart, arguably the most influential photographer on the Internet. "The undoing of a knot symbolizes freedom from these burdens—a release of pressure."

Up in the AIR

So often many of us are inspired by the creativity, innovation and shear grit of those around us. Vincent Laforet, one of our G-TEAM Ambassadors, is certainly one who not only exudes those qualities, but also has that innate ability to share his talents with others.