Capturing the End Zone: A Close Lens on the Action from the Big Game

Looking back at Professional Football Championship Game, I still think I am exhausted from my time in San Francisco. It was a blast but also very exhausting…as good work should be! I took around 10,000 photos during my time in town.

Spit, Storage and Keeping My Small Business Afloat

One of the most common questions I receive about being a filmmaker for surf sports is how I get such clear images. After all, I’m in the water, out among the waves with the athletes I’m shooting. Underwater housing or not, my lens should be covered in drops and spray, right? So why do the images look bone dry and super crisp?

FreeWheelin' with Lucas Gilman and Red Bull

From the frigid beaches of Iceland to the treacherous water falls in the rain forests of South America, renowned Adventure Photographer and G-TEAM Ambassador, Lucas Gilman traverses the globe capturing once in a lifetime images. As a former category winner of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, who better to educate and excite the community about the contest than he?