Tyres and Wires – On the Road with Flight of the Swans

Steve Flanagan, one of the many volunteers on the Flight of the Swans project, was tasked with producing and post-producing multimedia content, while on the road from northern Russia to the UK. Here he talks through his workflow, and how G-Technology has helped him along the way.


Type-C: Your Coming All-in-One Storage Connection

Hopefully, we caught your attention with our last couple of posts about next-generation Thunderbolt 3. What we didn’t mention was that the new technology for your storage and display devices will not be plug-compatible with your first- and second-generation Thunderbolt gear.

Don’t panic. The trade-offs in this transition are few, and the benefits more than worth the switch.

Thunderbolt 3, Part 2: How Much Speed Do You Need?

In our last blog article, we looked at the forthcoming Thunderbolt 3 storage interface. We examined its top benefits, including daisy chaining, USB Power Delivery, and a doubling of bandwidth from Thunderbolt 2’s 20 Gbit/s to the new generation’s 40 Gbit/s.

Will Third-Gen Thunderbolt Be the Charm?

Ask any presidential hopeful: Being the best choice in a race is no guarantee of getting elected. Moreover, what’s “best” for one group may not be desired by another. Progressives always face a battle to budge the status quo.