Drives that complement your pro photo needs
Dixie Dixon
Fashion Photographer

Welcome to a better world of
storing and editing images

Whether backing up on location, working in the studio, or processing and retouching your gathered sessions, the G-Technology range of external hard drives is engineered to keep your precious digital images safe – and speed up your RAW photo edit workflow. 

You need sturdy, portable and lightning-quick equipment you can depend on while you capture, transfer, edit and store those perfect moments in time. G-Technology drives were designed specifically for your creative workflow, and offer bus power, massive capacity, Thunderbolt speed, RAID redundancy, extreme reliability, and of course, style.

Key Features

The strong, silent type

Stylish, aircraft-grade aluminum enclosures not only protect your precious data from knocks and bumps, but also keep them cool – acting as a heat sink for our fanless drives and ensuring they are ultra-quiet.

Go Anywhere Bus Powered

With USB and Thunderbolt bus power on all our portable drives, you don’t have to rely on AC power. So you can venture further for the perfect picture. And once you have it, back it up fast and securely.

Lightning-quick transfer rates

Not all hard drives are created equal. G-Technology drives go beyond the norm. G-RAID with Thunderbolt is the drive of choice for storing and editing RAW images, with data transfer 4 times faster than USB 3.0, up to 20TB of storage, and the ability to daisy-chain up to six drives.


Jeremy Cowart

G-Technology takes you behind-the-scenes 
with photographer Jeremy Cowart

*Evolution Series external hard drives sold separately