(1) 3Gbit
(1) eSATA
Drive Speed:
Transfer Rate:
Up to 252MB/s

High-Speed, External RAID for Video Editing Applications

G-SPEED eS external RAID solutions provide professional content creators with outstanding performance, high storage capacity and fail-safe operation at an unprecedented low cost per gigabyte. The compact and whisper quiet G-SPEED eS sports a 3Gbit eSATA interface and features four hot-swappable Ultrastar 7200RPM SATA Enterprise-class hard drives. When used with the G-Technology PCIe 4x RAID controller, a single G-SPEED eS supports up to four simultaneous streams of ProRes422 HQ or one stream of uncompressed 1080/60i. As many as four G-SPEED eS enclosures can be attached to a single workstation providing up to 64TB of high-performance RAID protected storage.

When used with the G-Technology PCIe x4 RAID controller (sold separately), G-SPEED eS can easily be configured as RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 or as JBOD. This flexibility enables the system to be tuned to the required level of performance and fault-tolerance necessary to support your application. G-SPEED eS can also be set up as a software RAID or JBOD when used with third party port multiplier aware eSATA host adapters.

Easy to Setup

The G-Techology PCIe x4 RAID controller has a built-in Web GUI that is accessed via any local internet browser. This simple GUI is used to configure and monitor the RAID system. Many aspects of the system are monitored and in the event of a problem, G-SPEED eS can send an email message to you alerting you of trouble.

The G-SPEED eS 4TB and 16TB models are not supported by Windows XP or older 32-bit operating systems which limit maximum volume size to 2.2TB. G-SPEED eS 4TB and 16TB is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows Vista or other 64-bit operating systems.

*G-SPEED eS is NOT compatible with G-SPEED eS PRO.

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Quick Facts

Transfer Rates up to 252MB/s
Best in Class, 24x7 Reliability

Formatted for Mac, and easily reformatted for Windows

Selectable RAID Mode
Stylish aluminum design
All cables included
3-Year Limited Warranty
Up to 16TB of Storage

Warranty & Support

G-SPEED eS is backed by a standard 3-year limited warranty and unlimited free technical support by representatives experienced with the latest content creation applications.

Product Specifications

(1) 3Gbit
(1) eSATA
Drive Speed:
7200RPM Class
Transfer Rate:
Up to 252MB/s
9" x 4.75" x 6.75" / 228 x 120 x 171 mm
Kit Contents:
• G-SPEED eS RAID solution
• (4) Removable Disk Modules
• Universal AC Power Supply
• 1 x eSATA Cable
• OPTIONAL 4-Port eSATA PCIe adapter with RAID Engine
• 3-year limited warranty
8TB $999.95 SKU: 0G01871
12TB $1699.95 SKU: 0G02055
16TB $1499.95 SKU: 0G02321

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