Video Capture
When you’ve nailed it, you want to hold on to it
Capture and transfer on the move with rugged, reliable bus-powered drives that won’t let you down. Plug-and-play, and Time Machine-ready.

“Passion, curiosity and patience are as valuable as the equipment I make films with”

On location with Sébastien Montaz-Rosset 

G-RAID mini

The G-RAID mini

It’s the ideal portable storage solution for safe-guarding content on location.
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Video Transfer
You’re ready to take your footage to the next level, so why not do it in style?
Call on the G-Technology range of drives designed and built with video professionals’ creative workflows front of mind.

“When I shoot on Friday for delivery to broadcast on Saturday, there’s no room for error or time for it”

Alex Buono trusts his creativity to G-Technology. 



On location using USB 3.0 one minute, then in your Thunderbolt G-DOCK ev hard drive the next. 
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Video Editing
It’s time for creative transformations, on drives that were born for the job.
A range of drives built to satisfy even the most demanding video professional, and complement your post-production software. Think you can work faster? You can try!

“The Art of Video Editing Summits of My Life”

Sébastien Montaz-Rosset 




As many as four G-SPEED eS enclosures can be attached to a single workstation providing up to 64TB of storage.

Video Storage
Safe, self-monitoring and super-accessible storage options
Super-fast and stable storage options that look after compressed and uncompressed HD files.

“The nightmares I’ve heard of other people having with other products, I haven’t had with G-Technology”

Vincent Laforet - Performance you can count on

G-RAID with Thunderbolt

Daisy chain up to 6 of these beauties for speeds twice that of USB 3.0 and 12 times that of Firewire 800.
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Video Distribution
Distribute HD video files with our range of drives designed specifically with the creative industries’ distribution needs in mind.
Accessible, vault-like storage drives that hold tight and send fast. Perfect companions for video professionals.

“Data needs to be accessible within a fraction of a second, no matter what – and that’s where nothing else compares to G-Technology”

Nino Leitner - Works Like a Pro



One minute it’s on location and USB 3.0, the next it's in your Thunderbolt G-DOCK ev storage system creating immediate redundancies.

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