Designed for every stage of
your creative workflow.

Premiere external storage solutions specifically designed for creative pros.

You can rely on G-Technology branded hard drives, readers/caddies, and accessories to work seamlessly within your end-to-end workflows. Their amazing performance, throughput, and reliability – plus class-leading durability – set them apart from the competition.

From small portable and rugged external hard drives to large, multi-bay RAID and NAS solutions, professionals like yourself can trust G-Technology storage solutions to meet the demanding needs of the media and entertainment industry.

We invite you to find out more about:

G-RACK 12 Network-Attached Storage Solution
Reliability, scalability, and studio-friendly technology for centralized storage with capacities up to 120TB and data transfer speeds of up to 2000MB/s
ev Series Storage Solutions
Modular, interchangable solutions for seamless creative workflows from out in the field, to your studio, and back
Rugged, Lightweight Storage Solutions
Remove one less worry out in the field by protecting your data from water, dust, and impact damage
High-Performance RAID Storage Solutions
Colossal capacity and high definition performance designed to support various RAID configurations and give you peace of mind