Workflow Partners

G-Technology storage solutions are tested and certified with the latest technology components and are designed to work with the latest software tools and equipment needed to optimize your production.

Designed for Each Other
to Make Productions Easier


Improve Your RED Production

G-Technology has partnered with RED Digital Cinema to develop the ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG® Edition to help with offloading RED media. With ev Series compatibility, RED camera users can quickly offload their RED MINI MAG cards and easily wipe them clean to continue shooting.


For The Atomos Workflow

Through a partnership with Atomos, G-Technology has created the Atomos Master Caddy 4K, Atomos Master Caddy HD, and ev Series Reader Atomos Master Caddy Edition to streamline your Atomos workflow. Quickly record and offload Atomos footage on to our G-SPEED Shuttle.


Customized Travel Protection

A partnership with G-Technology has allowed Pelican Products, Inc to develop a line of Pelican cases with customized foam for additional protection for G-SPEED Shuttle and G-SPEED Shuttle XL devices to securely and reliably transport footage between production locations.

Designed and Tested with
the Latest Technologies In Mind


Every G-Technology Thunderbolt™ compatible product goes through extensive Thunderbolt certification to verify that industry standards have been met.

About Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt Technology Community provides an on-line community to develop and promote Thunderbolt products.


G-Technology performs extensive testing on our drives to ensure a seamless experience when using the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite to help customers speed up their workflow

About Adobe

No other company in the world gives everyone, from emerging artists to global brands, everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Our innovation and leadership in digital media and digital marketing give our customers a real competitive advantage, positioning us for continued growth well into the future.    

Creative Tools We
Love and Recommend

Archiware P5

The Archiware P5 Software Suite is a cross-platform data management suite, providing modules for backup, synchronization, and archiving data with a simple UI to control data movement and migration on G-Technology devices.

About Archiware P5

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Archiware is a manufacturer of data management software for Archiving, Backup and Cloning. Archiware software is aimed primarily at SMB in the Media & Entertainment industry. The Archiware P5 software suite contains four modules for data protection at every stage of media production.


ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters connects G-Technology storage solutions to Thunderbolt-enabled desktop and mobile workstations.

About ATTO

ATTO Technology specializes in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments. A global leader across the Information Technology and Media & Entertainment markets, ATTO works with partners to deliver end-to-end solutions to better store, manage and deliver data.


G-Technology has worked closely with the axle ai team to enable visual searching and auto-tagging of content stored our storage solutions like a G-RACK 12 server. The axle ai media management software automatically catalogs files, and creates low-res versions with searchable metadata in an easy-to-navigate UI on both Mac and PC.

About axle ai

Axle ai makes it radically simple to search, tag and share your media using the power of ai.

Frame IO offers a powerful platform for video post-production collaboration, so multiple viewers can review and add comments directly through the application.


More than half a million creative professionals use to streamline their video review and collaboration process. We supercharge post-production workflows in a centralized platform for fast, efficient, intuitive, and secure collaboration that works seamlessly across web and mobile. is powering the future of creative collaboration.


The line of backup software from Hedge helps creative pros manage checksums, simultaneous copies, and transfer logs to ensure everything is correctly offloaded.

About Hedge

Hedge is not just the fastest, but also the easiest to use backup app for media professionals. With its groundbreaking interface, managing media has never been this simple. Create as many copies as you need, at the same time. Hedge transfers multiple sources to all destinations, fully utilizing your bandwidth.


Combined with storage like a G-RACK 12 server, the ShotPut Pro management software from Imagine Products helps to check and verify all required data has been copied over and properly saved.

About Imagine

For over 25 years Imagine Products Inc. has specialized in workflow software applications for the media and entertainment industry. We understand that your assets are the most important part of your business. It’s our business to protect those assets, that’s why we create powerful applications that are affordable and easy to use.


The Digital Imaging Technician carts from INOVATIV are a perfect way to keep your laptop, drives and gear organized in a single place.


INOVATIV products accelerate productivity by providing users with an eco-system of thoughtful and quality products designed for technology.


G-Technology recommends the Teradek line of transmitters and solutions for live streaming and wireless monitoring.

About Teradek

Teradek manufactures industry-leading wireless devices for filmmakers and broadcasters, including zero-delay wireless video, lens & camera control, IP video transport, and professional live streaming.


YoYotta creative workflow software offers simple media management services for storage solutions like a G-RACK 12 server to provide fast backups, verification for camera cards and drives, with the ability to generate quick and comprehensive media reports.

About YoYotta

YoYotta creates workflow software for production, dailies and post. Index, backup and transcode camera footage. Create verified copies on RAID and shuttle drives in parallel. Archive RAID to LTO tape. Restore select footage. Physically track production assets.